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  • Updated Website, added Privacy Policy [06/18/2018]
  • Removed Nectar Rush and Offensive Rising from App Store. Working on next iteration of the games on other platforms. [03/16/2018]
  • Our second game Nectar Rush released on iOS [01/05/2017]. Other platforms coming soon.
  • We are currently on the last few days of Beta Testing our second game: Nectar Rush [10/30/2016]
  • Uploaded final screenshots of the mobile version of Nectar Rush [10/30/2016]
  • Uploaded first PC version gameplay video of our second game Nectar Rush [06/19/2016]
  • Updated website with content from our second game currently in development [06/14/2015]
  • Offensive Rising final update available on the App Store, Windows Mobile Store and Amazon [10/22/2014]
  • Our first game Offensive Rising was approved by Apple [07/01/2014]