We are a small independent game development team. Over the past few years we have learned a great deal of the Art, Science and Math of game development. We consider ourselves very skilled and talented in various game development skills including 3D and 2D game programming, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design and Game Design. We are currently developing games using the Unity3D game engine. Our main target platforms at this moment are iOS devices, Windows 8 and Android devices.

We have been dedicated gamers since childhood. We had the honor of growing up with the most popular old school games of different types and from different origins. Even though, we are still gamers. We are now mostly interested in creating our own game products.

Since we are extremely interested in game development our main goal and objective is to create good quality games. In other words, we want to make games that we want to play and at the same time distribute our games to gamers worldwide.

Currently we are working hard on our second commercial game title. The game is currently in early alpha development stage. We are planning to complete it sometime later this year.

We hope you like our games.

Email: info@quadinteractive.com